Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Autum Equinox

From Iamanowl's website
This date on the calendar is probably one of the most important in the western traditions. The Greek celebrated the descent of Persephone to the underworld, of which she was the goddess and the queen, as the wife of Hades.

In the pagan world, mostly the Celtic world, Mabon is the time of the second harvest which is celebrated at the turn of the end of the summer beginning of autumn. Mabon is usually known as the son, or the great son, a Welsh deity who was saved by King Arthur -- according to some legends -- after he was abducted by Modron (the great mother) a reminiscence of Demeter (Persephone's mother) only a few days (or nights) old. That's why he is said to be a masculine counterpart of Persephone.

The first harvest being Lammas (wheat harvest) and the third Samhain better known as Hallowe'en

Later, the Christian tradition set Michaelmas on September 29, Saint Michael being the archangel who defeated Satan and continues to fight against evil. This celebration is now gone but still coincides with the Autumn term of prestigious universities in the United Kingdom.

In the USA, it is on October 1 that the US Supreme Court convene of their new term too. In Wales and England, it is one of the four legal terms too.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A new school year has just started....

... and this is going to rock, I'm sure of that.

Many new projects: starting again the etwinning partnership with the 2ndes, carrying the work started last year with the STS CIM2 and discovering the new STS CIM1, there again, a follow up with my workmate Mr. Sacquet and the T STI2D2-SIN, and new classes TL1-2 and the group of students preparing for the entrance exam at Science Po Lyon.

Plus, the art and society magazine we will produce with other colleagues, Mrs Pascoli, Mr Delorme, Mr Papet, Mrs Arnoult and of course our students from TL1-2.

A lot of energy will be needed, but that's worth it. So...