Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Modern Myth

Romanian hordes
To look at most newspapers towards the end of 2013, you would have thought that Britain was living out its last days of civilisation. On 1 January, when immigration rules finally allowed Romanians and Bulgarians to live and work in the UK like other EU citizens, we were assured by the Mail and others that a "new wave of migrants" would swamp the country's labour market and public services. Yet the first plane to arrive from Romania on 1 January contained only a handful of people coming to the UK for the first time. One of them, Victor Spirescu, was mobbed at Luton airport by journalists and MPs, who soon discovered that he had a job lined up and had never even heard of the NHS.

In May, it was announced that the number of Bulgarians and Romanians who arrived in the first three months of the year had actually fallen by 4,000 since the last quarter of 2013. No vampire attacks have so far been reported either.

From "Black-eyed ghosts and giant mutant rats: the scare stories that nearly destroyed Britain in 2014" by Leo Benedictus, The Guardian, December 30, 2014 http://www.theguardian.com/media/2014/dec/30/black-eyed-ghosts-killer-cats-terrifying-nearly-brought-britain-to-knees

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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Viking Gainsborough: Former capital promotes Sweyn Forkbeard links

A town that was briefly capital of England is looking to make more of its links with a Viking king who ruled for just 40 days.
From the BBC

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The British Council is celebrating its 80th anniversary

Originally called the 'British Committee for Relations with Other Countries', the British Council was founded in 1934. Our first overseas offices opened in 1938.

To mark 80 years of cultural relations, we have taken the opportunity to look back and consider significant changes that have taken place during the period of our organisation's existence.

We asked a panel of 25 eminent scientists, technologists, academics, artists, writers, broadcasters and world leaders to choose their most significant moments of the past 80 years. We then asked 10,000 people around the world to vote to rank the final list.

The result? A list of 80 thought-provoking moments that provide a snapshot of trends, people and innovations that have shaped the world we live in today.

Discover the full list and join us in the debate: http://t.co/64GvTGvr0c

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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Myths & Heroes: Interesting links

For the terminales, several links to online resources that are worth consulting to gather more ideas on the notion of Myths & Heroes

Arthurian Legend
A PBS TV Documentary series presented here: http://www.pbs.org/mythsandheroes/
Jason & the Golden Fleece
Shangri La
Arthur: the once and future king
The Queen of Sheba

An article from the Washington Post about the same program

History of the Brittons, an audio-book

Thomas Malory "Le Morte Darthur" from the British Library

Geoffrey of Monmouth's Arthurian Passages from The History of the Kings of Britain, University of Rochester, New-York

Marion Zimmer Bradley's obituary in the New York Times, 1999

Real Heroes: New York City 9/11 attacks and its heroes, other real heroes of today

More about Ben Turnbull

The 9/11 Memorial, NYC

Ebola fighters, Time Magazine person of the year 2014 cover & article

An article from the European Commission

The Civil Rights Movement
So many people, dates, organizations, events that it would be impossible to make a pick.

Time Magazine gives a thorough analysis of post-Ferguson killing of Michael Brown.