Saturday, December 13, 2014

Myths & Heroes: Interesting links

For the terminales, several links to online resources that are worth consulting to gather more ideas on the notion of Myths & Heroes

Arthurian Legend
A PBS TV Documentary series presented here:
Jason & the Golden Fleece
Shangri La
Arthur: the once and future king
The Queen of Sheba

An article from the Washington Post about the same program

History of the Brittons, an audio-book

Thomas Malory "Le Morte Darthur" from the British Library

Geoffrey of Monmouth's Arthurian Passages from The History of the Kings of Britain, University of Rochester, New-York

Marion Zimmer Bradley's obituary in the New York Times, 1999

Real Heroes: New York City 9/11 attacks and its heroes, other real heroes of today

More about Ben Turnbull

The 9/11 Memorial, NYC

Ebola fighters, Time Magazine person of the year 2014 cover & article

An article from the European Commission

The Civil Rights Movement
So many people, dates, organizations, events that it would be impossible to make a pick.

Time Magazine gives a thorough analysis of post-Ferguson killing of Michael Brown.

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